I’m coming out…

As Diana Ross’: “I’m coming out” is playing loudly in my living room, I’m too loudly singing along, knowing it’s time.

A couple of days ago, someone dear to my heart, said to me: “It’s time for you to come out of the spiritual closet”. And it’s true. 

Thus, from now on, I will no longer try to cover my spiritual work with the more acceptable labelling of: intuitive life coach & business advising. Instead I will just be myself: a Spiritual Guide and a Soul Doula.

I love my spiritual gifts and the ability to work with high frequencies. It has been my livelihood for the past many years, for the higher great of a lot of people. I live a life I don’t want & need a vacation from. I’m in love with my life, with all its up’s and down’s. Although, it hasn’t been an easy ride.

But, I have done two wrongs, I need to make right:

  1. I have been dumbing down my spirituality, to make sure, no one could relate me to all the other “weirdos, woo-woo’s and witches”out there.
  2. In the process of judging myself, my abilities and other amazing spiritual souls, I was also judging my surroundings, assuming they wouldn’t accept me for me.  

The truth is, around the time I realized, I had these spiritual abilities, the persons I considered my closest family, started to make fun of me being a spiritual, able to see outside our immediate reality.

As time passed, I continued carrying with me, their belief of me being odd, weird, and even crazy.

I come from a background where science, analysis, data, evidence-based, and logic are the only variables of truth.

But, since my spiritual abilities became too strong for my surroundings and workplaces to relate to/cope with, it was time to become the spiritual guide & teacher, I’m intended to be.

Until now, I have still carried the belief, that I couldn’t operate in my own world of science and be spiritual at the same time. I tried to fit my spiritual skills into the narrow box of my old reality, calling my spiritual work anything that remotely could be accepted by the “normal” world.

But who says, you can’t be a Spiritual Guide and work corporate, government or business, Or vice versa? The majority of my clients work in the area of business, health care and government. So, why am I still “hiding in the closet”?  

With mindfulness, yoga and meditation slowly being incorporated in the “real world”, it’s clear, the collective consciousness is evolving. Thus, paving the way for a world accepting of science not being separate from spirituality.

If you believe, the “real” world and spirituality, are not compatible. Where do you think your creativity flows from? Where does all these new sustainable and consciousness business’, working towards a more wholesome planet, derive from? It’s from the infinite think-tank of energy and knowledge we call Universe. We are all plugged into it, whether we are aware of it or not.

So, a great apology to the spiritual collective and energy-workers, I was ridiculing. I apologise to those, I judged and assumed would be to narrow-minded and closed of to spirituality.

Last but not least, a big apology to myself, for not being my own biggest cheerleader. I will from now on, unapologetically embrace ALL my “woo-woo-ness”.

Now, I can openly beat on my beautiful Shaman Drum. Be-dazzle my work-space and home with all my favorit crystals. And indulge in the enchanting scent of Palo Santo and Juniper. All while I play with my oracle/tarot cards, looking into the future perspectives of the socio-economical changes we are experiencing.

With these lines, I wish to give others the permission to be themselves, jumping out whatever closet they are hiding in. A closet guarded by fear.

By compromising ourselves, we cannot attract what’s rightfully ours – be it creativity, sustainable relationships, love, a strong feeling of belonging, or whatever we are striving for.

Thank you to all, who have been supportive of my spiritual journey. And thank you to all, who have been spreading the word of my work, recommending my skills.

Yours truly,

– nothing less than a Channel, a Spiritual Guide, an Intuitive, a Mystic, a Soul Doula & a Sociologist of Spirituality.