New prices from June 2022

Thank you so much for wanting to work with me, for the past 7+ years, present time and in the future.

It has been a tremendous journey, to meet so many extraordinary beautiful souls, humans and destinies. And looking forward for many more encounters.

New Prices

On June 1st, 2022 the prices for sessions will go up.

I understand, that an increase of rates might have an impact on our future work together. Therefore, I want to offer you, the possibility to book sessions ahead of time, at the current rate, until June 1st. 2022.

Due to a new booking system, you will not be charged when booking. The amount will only be deducted at our session time. This way, you can book as many sessions as you feel for, without worrying of the payment.

As the bookings are ahead of time, I also offer you the possibility to change the date of session once, within the current/”old” rate. This can be done, by you emailing me.

Fully canceling a reserved session after June 1st, will not entail retention of the “old” rate.

For the past three years or more, I have deliberately kept my fees down/unchanged, based on the desire to make my services available for the majority to afford.

Yet, by not raising my fees, and due to i.e. increased costs, and the price of living steadily rising, it is starting to make it challenging to keep my services going.

As the quality and nature of my services requires extra self-care, I can only conduct a specific amount of sessions per week, in order to not affect the quality of the service I provide.

I want to continue to do what I love, and be at service to those of you, who can benefit from it. With the new rates, I will be able to continue to offer a highly valuable and high quality service to every one of you.

New Booking System

I have finally been able to find a booking system, that accommodates to the wishes and demands of my clients. It has three new amazing features worth mentioning:

  • Adapting the calendar to your time zone– at the bottom of the booking page, you can now change time zone and language
  • Payment is reserved, but will only be deducted after the booked time – finally you don’t need to contemplate on booking a session, and not overturning your budget
  • Gift cards available – many have asked for this option, and it’s now finally possible, to buy gift cards for others, without you having to book the session.

Based on the country you live in, you can either choose: “Sessions in Denmark” (if you live in Denmark) or “International sessions” (If your home / Business address is outside of the Danish borders).

This booking system also provides you with all needed information prior to booking. I.e. you will be able to choose, if you wish for having the session in person or online.

The only thing you need to write is your name and email. Should you also want a reminder by text, and not only email, you can add your phone number.

If you have any questions regarding fees, booking system, or my services in general, you are welcome to write me: