Being available to the flow of energies

Intuitive Guidance is being widely used by individuals and companies, as the Crystalline Energy Field is accessable for anyone, regardless of (professional) background and age. 

When booking an Intuitive Guidance Session, what we actually work with is: unblocking, recalibrating and transmuting your personal energies through intuitive conversations.

These Guidance & Energy Sessions, are a fusion of multiple methods, within the areas of: channeling, soul guidance, coaching, therapy, emotional rehabilitation and healing, etc. Thus, you will experience a tailored session, accommodated to your needs in that present moment of the session.

My most exquisite role in the sessions is:

  • Being a clear mouthpiece for your inner voice, and channeling it,
  • Reading your energy, and being of assistance in what is for you to transmute, heal and recharge in that present moment,
  • Allowing you to adapt to your own inner wisdom and personal energy, and
  • Assisting you with the tools needed, in order to incorporate the new recalibrated energy in your everyday life and decision-making

The most important is, for you to have no expectation to the outcome. Yet, allow your personal curiosity and question come forth, when working together.

The common denominator for all my services is, using my skills as an energy intuitive & channel, to read and transmute energies, and channel energetic frequencies.  

Currently, my services are:

1:1 sessions

This Intuitive Guidance & Energy Session is for those who seek to touch upon what is currently of importance. The key words being: insight, releasing, healing and direction.

Within this insightful session, I will be available to your Soul and Human, allowing the energies to guide us in what needs to be transmuted.

It is entirely up to you, how and when you take the next step.


In 2022, it's my pleasure, to welcome you to my new spiritual Community: MEMORAS - Remember who YOU are!

This is an online and IRL community, for those that are looking for a place to...

Stay Tuned!


Knowledge is one of the strongest tools we can use to understand and remember, why we chose our path in life.

The more we can learn about our Soul, The Universe, the intention of human life, and the gifts we were born with, the more energetically balances and abundant we become.

These Soul-lead mentoring, lectures and courses can be designed for your needs.

Answers to your Questions

The simplest answer: It’s the attunement to your own personal energy field, in order to create a higher inner balance, and a greater success ratio in all you do. 

It is all about accessing that part of you, where you hear your own inner voice loud and clear, and can take actions accordingly to your higher truth.

We as humans operate from different areas: e.g. fear based, conditioned by external “law”, or we either operate from our feelings or our rationality. All amazing skills if they are in balance. Intuitive guidance sessions are all about creating that balance.

Intuitive Guidance & Energy Session is about merging your human experience with your souls flow of energy. 

Why the majority of the sessions will touch upon what is going on in your life currently, looking at it from various perspectives, and addressing the potentials lying in front (also known as predicting the future).

It is important to state, that I don’t know it all, but I have the ability to access the information of necessity for you. I share all I’m shown.

Intuitive guidance is about accessing that place, where we can get the next piece of the puzzle (answers), and have faith in, that we are getting exactly what we need to know for our next step in life.

Working as a channel and spiritual guide, one hour of intuitive work equals to 3-4 hours of “normal” work. Why? Because in one session, I:

  • hold my own human energy in check so I don’t interfere (e.g. questioning what is being said, doubting, etc.);
  • create a space for you to feel safe and heard, in order to open up for new energies and intuitive guidance
  • ‘download’ the intuitive messages needed, transferring them into words that matches your frequency;
  • hold your human energy in check, so you can allow the new inputs to settle into their conscious/cells; and
  • offer you coaching through these new insights, so they are grounded and we don’t end the meeting with loose ends

All this is happening at the same time. So, when a session is over, both yours and my nerve system will often be congested. Why it is important to mind your body / blood sugar levels after a session.

Yes and No.

Yes, I channel and access other realms, and I work with unfolding the future possibilities.

But No, we don’t just sit there and wait for it to happen. We work towards it.

In my practice, I have clients coming continiously for years, telling me, how I have saved their lives/relationships or created huge abundance in their business (their words, not mine).

Then, I have clients, where I am probably the “worst” person their mind/ego-self have ever encountered – me falling short of impressing them with my ability to predict the future (their take on it, not mine).

And my work didn’t change form in any of these cases. So, why so different outcomes?

The thing about intuitive guidance it’s not dependant of me tuning in and seeing the possibilities, but about you believing in it and allowing it.

I have always faith in what I see. If i didn’t, I wouldn’t be good at my job.

But even though I can see the infinite of Universe, the changes in front, the path you are most likely to walk, and the outcome, you still need to do the job, to get there – e.g. work with your fears, belief systems and take the actually steps.

So, even though predicting the future is a fun thing, the focus is to balance what needs balancing in you.

The time allocated to every session is including the hello’s and farewells. 

You are encouraged to bring your own questions and agenda to the sessions, as your active participation is key to the process.

It’s also important for me to emphasize, that it’s always your own responsibility, whether and how you use the information given. It’s therefore important, that you give yourself the time to process. And only choose the input you think is important for you at the present moment.

My sessions usually take place Online or at Willemoesgade 10, st. tv., in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is also possible for us to find a solution, if you prefer the sessions being at your company.

The majority of the clients I meet, are in search for new perspectives and new approaches to the linear/logical thinking.

It is not about your title, your social status, your job or your place in life. Whether you are a business woman, a stay at home dad, a student, an entrepreneur, a business owner, old or young, single or attached, and other demographical groupings, it doesn’t matter.

As long as you are willing to work with yourself (in a new way), you are welcome to join.

I am a firm believer of giving the people their power back. Why I don’t endorse: “X Steps Programs”, or give discounts. 

Working with yourself and your spiritual growth is a self investment, and not something to be taken lightly. Neither is it something to put into others hands to decide “how much work you need”. 

I believe in endorsing your inner voice, telling you when it’s time. Therefore, intuitive guidance sessions can be booked at any time. It can be used continuously.

Some companies and individuals choose to work with me for a longer period of time, where I act as an advising partner and support them through a difficult transformation process.

Others use me spontaneously during the months to get refreshing inputs, new energy and sparring in their daily choices.

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As we live in a world with (almost) no Online borders, I often work remote. Meaning, that I conduct sessions nationally and worldwide, e.g. currently in: United States, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Romania, Australia, UK etc.

Most of my international sessions are via Telegram, FaceTime or Zoom, and occasionally face-to-face.

Most of the clients work with intuitive guidance sessions over a period of time. Thus, they will experience tremendous changes in all of their relationships – both at work, at home and in society.

Some choses to invite their nearest in the process, other choose a more solitude path of transformation.

I have clients bringing their spouses, children or friends to the intuitive guidance sessions. Others gift sessions to their nearest. 

The most important is, that YOU decide, what makes you most comfortable in the present moment.

The majority of my clients work with e.g. psychologists, body therapists etc., simultaneously with the intuitive guidance sessions.

Working with intuitive guidance will set energy in motion. As you start working more in-dept with yourself, you will feel your body more sore, or your thoughts going a-wall. Often you need to keep your body and mental health in check, while your train your inner voice/intuition and get acquainted to working with energy. 

It’s not about excluding or competing when it comes to being of assistance on a persons journey. It’s about supplementing the assistance needed for every individual/unique journey.