It feels amazing to co-create with you guys…

Sometimes I forget, WHY I do what I do.

I often just buy into the concept that, this is what I’m here to do. But, often I forget the human experience of it. And this is where SPIRITUAL FRIDAYS have reminded me:

We are here to learn and have fun, even when we are following our calling. And to this day, I love that I am still able to learn new depths and flows to this infinite matrix of energy and Universe we are all a part of.

So, thank you for making Spiritual Friday possible!


This past Friday we looked into the concept of “Free Will” and the “Duality” we are operating from, now more than ever, and how to conquer it.

We touched upon a new “entrance point” or definition to “Free Will”, and also how there is a collective and a personal free will.

We also got practical by applying examples from our own realities – including a couple of collective examples, like the current election in US…

All in all, an amazing experience, allowing all to adapt the topic to their  personal believe system.  Conclusively, one member of the group put it: “so, what you are saying is: when you experience Duality, you create Trinity”. Nailed it.

(More on these subjects in future Spiritual Fridays and upcoming articles).


NOVEMBER 27th, TOPIC: The human emotions…

emotional flashbacks – leaving our souls voice / intuition to take the backseat, allowing the human feelings to take the frontseat, to deal with the inevitable shadow work. We will also look into, why we have to address our shadow work now more than ever.

And also, we will play a board game about: feelings and memories.

Looking forward to co-creating with you!