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It's all about spiritual growth and self-alignment

Spiritual growth is something we do from the minute we are born, to the day we leave our human body. In periods we are forced to work actively on our evolutionary spiritual growth. The rest of the time, it is an undergoing process and change of energies. 

Some times we have all the answers right in front of us. Other times we might just need the next piece of the puzzle, but not really needing intuitive guidance sessions or intensive inner work. So, if you are curious, in between self-work, or just need som refreshing insights about the esoteric wonders, stay tuned.  

What is forgiveness?

In honour of Dada Vaswani’s birthday and the Global Day of Forgiveness, the Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls (SVIMS)  orchestred an amazing

How to Survive the Inevitable…

It’s inevitable… CHANGE. We are living in the most amazing transformational, yet extreme challenging times. What I’m about to touch upon in these next pages,

What’s your SQ?

Throughout the years, I have experienced many people being standoffish towards spirituality and ridiculing it – myself included. Why? There are different entrance points to,

I’m coming out…

As Diana Ross’: “I’m coming out” is playing loudly in my living room, I’m too loudly singing along, knowing it’s time. A couple of days ago,

The tricky part about relationships

  (you can also read my piece about same topic on Elephant Journal) Lately the conversations at our house has been about: RELATIONSHIPS. When a

What now? – A reflection series

Now I’m curious: how many started reflecting these days? Imagine if just 1,000-10,000 reflected on the same topic, how big a positive change we could

Why are we here?

  …. offering you a perspective, in your journey here in this world. (you can also read my piece about this topic in Elephant Journal)