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Looking for answers?

Maybe you have had some big things happening in your life lately, and need guidance on how to navigate through it. Or you want to know, what the next steps might be.

Maybe you came here looking for answers to the unexplained mysteries of life, or just plain curiosity.

Maybe you need some guidance and tools for expanding and clearing your energies.

Whatever your reason for landing here on this page is, I’m happy, you are here. 

We can address all areas of human life (work, relationships, health, personal development) and soul yearns (inner work, releasing of blockages and clearing energy), etc.

No topic is to small or insignificant. Explore more…

1:1 Sessions

Insightful intuitive guidance & energy sessions to assist you in moving forward with clarity and confidence. 

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Spiritual Community

An online platform, a movement and a community, to assist you in the journey to remembrance 

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What is forgiveness?

In honour of Dada Vaswani’s birthday and the Global Day of Forgiveness, the Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls (SVIMS)  orchestred an amazing

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Spiritual lectures, talks & workshops

I’m available for various types of events, where the main entrance point is to add new perspectives, energies and value to the already existing believes. It can be adapted to suit your event, in regards to length, depth & entrance point of the topic.


Who am I?

I’m a Channel, a Psychic Medium, a Soul Guide, an Intuitive, a Mystic, a Healer & a Energy Worker. Or what people in ancient times would refer to as a High Priestess or a Witch. 

My true nature is to channel very high frequency of Crystalline Energy. My task is to access the higher frequencies of our being, and be available to what needs transmuting. 

Besides intuitive guidance sessions, lectures, and channeled writings, I use my Masters of Sociology, in developing higher educational projects, where Spirituality meets Science. Thus, I’m also a Sociologist of Spirituality.

I was born in Bucharest, in beautiful Romania – alongside my twin brother, to my Romanian parents. In 1990 they decided to pursue a life in Denmark.  

Throughout my life, my wanderlust has taken me many places here on Planet Earth.  Why, I feel strongly guided to be at service to all who are open for it, not limited by country borders.

(If you wish to know about my professional background & experience, you can visit my profil on Linkedin.)